Nail Art Machine in Pakistan

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Nail Art Machine


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Nail Art Machine in Pakistan

Nail Art stamping machine is for the individuals who need a brisk nail art with flawlessness and without any bother. This machine contains inbuilt stamper and scrubber. It accompanies six image plates each one having Nine Designs and Six Coloured Polishes and 1 acceptable top cover to seal the Design.

How to use Nail Art Machine

Place the stanper and scrubber in their openings and press immovably to guarantee that they are currently prepared to work. place a design image plate on the given space and apply color to the outline, Move the machine forward and press stamper on it. At that point bring once more to the nail and press it once more. The image will be transferred to the nail.


Stamping is applicable at painted nails only and not on bared nails. Please confirm the Polish is not wet.

You must be brisk with all the procedure or the stamping polish will dry in the procedure and the image will not transfer on your nail.


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