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Aire Bra in Pakistan

3Aire Bra in jus Rs.1299

Aire Bra is an outstanding item which is the consequence of innovative examination done by specialists everywhere throughout the world. The traditional sorts of bras had plenty of downsides, and the designing of Aire bra was an endeavor to defeat these pitfalls of traditional bras in the main, and it effectively went through. Slim n fit Aire bra is made with additional ordinary consideration considering manifold solace viewpoints that the conventional bra designs cannot give to the clients. The Aire Bra in Pakistan is perfect in solace and style when it goes to a bra. The Aire Bra lifts and backings your midsection relieving back pain and eliminating back fat. Straps that delve into your back are painful and annoying.

Slim N Lift Aire Bra is the most agreeable bra you will ever own. The Aire Bra lifts and backings your midsection relieving back pain and eliminating back fat. . Smooth delicate material extends to fit A, B, C and D glasses. No all the more unsightly buldges. Simply slip it on and you will truly see and feel the fantastic comes about immediately and not need to experience the pain and uneasiness of normal shape wear

One of the embarrassing peculiarities of traditional bra is that it accompanies wires, and straps to hold the glasses which offer immaculate body shapes to women. It was truly painful for women when they wear these kinds of ordinary bras for a long time. In the first place highlight of Aire bra is that it is free from straps or wires.

In this way front and back portion of Aire bra is nearly bigger than ordinary bras. It includes the solace level of clients by offering them part more space, and painless opportunity. The pullover of this innovative item so wide to offer super solace. In addition to all these the Aire bra is free from cuts, or any kinds of snares. So every one who utilizes it can enjoy supreme flexibility of utilization. The backing gave via Aire bra in Pakistan to womens body is so unrivaled, and it never permits the body to detached its ideal shapes that draw in others attention. Consequently Slim N Lift Aire Bra enhances the confidence of women. Your front part and back part will get the backing from all sides.

The design of Aire bra suits to the reasons of game too. The look of the bra itself is so tasteful, official, and over all commendable. The nylon strands utilized as a part of the making of this bra is only hand picked. It is top class in the matters regarding hygiene. The cost of this item is not so high when contrasted with ordinary bras. The gimmicks it maintains give complete quality for the money you spend for purchasing it.


· Aire Bra – a definitive in solace, help and style.

· Wire -Free, Clip- Free, Strap- Free = PAIN FREE

· Help in Figure Shaping

· Sizing is simple – simply match your shirt size to the Aire Bra size!

· Air bra is the most favored Bra by women around the world.

· Air bra gives you full scope of cleavage.

· Air bra gives fitting shape , postures and solace.

· It Can be utilized as games bra as it can extend at solace

· Prefect fitting to all shapes and sizes

· Best quality fiber, contains 92% Nylon and 8 % spandex

· Machine launderable and safe for machine drying

· Highly sturdy regarding material and shade

· Seamless and smooth finishing

Aire Bra Price in Pakistan

On Aira Bra is available on special Discounted Price Rs. 1299 only for 3 Aire Bra


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