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Electric Beauty Threader in Pakistan

Electric Threading is the customary specialty of eyebrow threading made simple to immaculate as a home hair evacuation treatment. Threading can be utilized on the face, including the upper lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks and eyebrows. Already, threading could just be finished by individuals with experience who had invested years sharpening their abilities. Indeed, even in Asia where eyebrow threading started, these experts have ended up progressively rare. Presently the Electric Threading machine deals with the procedure for you.

With the consolidated movement of the turning spring and holding threading arms, hairs are laced inside the progressing contorted cotton and lifted out from the follicle. The procedure is totally characteristic and kind to all skin types, whether typical, delicate, tanned or pale. It is economical, protected, easy, quick and effective. Particularly, it is conceivable to uproot the finest of hairs (facial cushion) with this home threading pack, which waxing and tweezers can neglect to evacuate viably.


• Removes hair from the root

• Removes very fine hair

• Quick and simple to do

• Eyebrow Threading

• Facial Hair Threading

How to use Electric Beauty Threader:

Before you start wash the area to be treated with warm water and gentle cleanser, this will evacuate any extra oil in the skin. At that point daintily clean altering powder over the area so that cotton may hold the hairs.

Step 1: Connect the mains connector into the power attached at the base of the unit and fitting into your main power supply.

Step 2: Push the ON/OFF switch upwards to turn the unit on. The light will enlighten at the tip of the main unit and the treading arms will begin to move in a pincer sort movement.

Step 3: Place the cotton gently on the skin, at the base of the hairs you wish to remove. Best results are accomplished when moving against the bearing of hair development. Note: On uneven areas, utilize your freehand to stretch the skin.

Step 4: As the curved cotton climbs and down, hairs are laced and lifted out. You will feel a squeeze as the hair is being pulled out from the roots. With consistent utilize this sensation will diminish. Note: Some redness may show up, yet will vanish following a few hours. To decrease redness, frosty water can be utilized to relieve the skin. Abstain from utilizing any creams or moisturizers as a part of the influenced region for a couple of hours to lessen the probability of disturbance and minor pimples.

Step 5: After utilization, Power off and store away from children. Note: We prescribe changing the cotton every time your unit is utilized.

We propose checking on your arms until you are sure with the procedure before you utilize it all over.


• Suitable for the face and body – don’t use on eyelashes

• Do not use on territories of harmed or infected skin, aggravated pimple inflammation, or where slim vessels can be seen. Try not to use on broken skin, rosacea, dermatitis, over moles or developments, or some other skin disease. It is suggested that you counsel a specialist on the off chance that you are uncertain. Stop to use in the occasion of irritation.

• Do not use on scars or varicose veins. In the event that utilizing Retin-An or items containing Retinol, Glycolic or Salicylic Acids, stop utilization of these for 1 week before and 2 days in the wake of utilizing your hair threader.


  • Electric Threading Hair Remover
  • Cotton
  • Fixing powder


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