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Air Lounge 5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed in Pakistan

Air Lounge 5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed is an excellent inflatable gadget which is made with very strong and durable PVC material so it is very light in weight, very strong in durability and very comfortable in usage. Air Lounge can be quickly converted in 5 different shapes in just few seconds. So you can use it as Sofa which is very comfortable and has capacity for 3 seats, then you can quickly convert it to a full queen sized bed and you enjoy and feel more relax and comfort on it. At night, just convert it to a high rise children bed and your children enjoy sweet dreams on it.

So if you want to enjoy your free time on TV, just convert it to a lounger and if you are out for outing and recreation you can bring yourAir Lounge with you and now you can convert it to a recliner so your family and children will love to such a useful and comfortable Air Lounge 5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed which is very easy is carry out and can be furnished in every part of your house.

Air lounge Sofa Bed available in Pakistan

Air Lounge Sofa cum Bed is designed and made with very high standard material so it is as strong and comfortable as a spring mattress. It is very easy to clean, just wipe it as it is waterproof. Air Lounge sofa bed is provided with a powerful Air Pump. This pump has very strong motor due to which in inflates your sofa bed in just few minutes and when you have finished its usage, just deflate it in seconds with the help of air pump, roll up and store the Air Lounge in its travel bag.

Features of Air Lounge Sofa cum Bed

  • It is 5 in 1 Air Lounge Sofa cum Bed is an incredible product all in one.
  • It is a 3 seater sofa.
  • A comfortable queen size bed.
  • A relaxed recliner.
  • Soft high rise sleeper for the children.
  • A sophisticated lounger for indoor and outdoor comfort.
  • Air Lounge is made with high standard material.
  • Easy to wash, easy to clean and easy to wipe.
  • It can be inflated in just few minutes by its powerful Air Pump.
  • Easy to carry indoor and outdoor, provided with a travel bag.
  • As relaxed and comfortable as a spring mattress.


1. 5in 1 Air Lounge Sofa cum Bed.

2. A powerful Air Pump with dual power action to inflate and deflate.

3. A travel bag to carry it anywhere any time.

4. Adjustable nozzles to easily inflate and deflate it.

Air Lounge Sofa bed price in Pakistan


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