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Asthijivak in Pakistan

Muscular pain, joint pain and specially knee pain is one of the common problem in our society. We often suffer from knee pain joint pain or muscles pain due to injury, some disease, or due to our non healthy routine life and in old ages this problem becomes more severe.

India is famous by its Ayurevedic products and research in Ayurevedic products is continuously in process since hundreds of years. The ancient Sanskrit worked a lot on Ayureveda relation between nature and human body and Asthijivak is the results of 175 years old research and experience for knee pain relief. Only botanical and organic extracts is used in Ayureveda to keep the essentials of body in proper balance and so Asthijivak is the one of the miracle in Ayureveda which cures not only knee pain but also works for healing of muscles of knee giving you the perfect and permanent remedy for knee pain.

Ashtijivak consists of oil and Herbal Powder (Asthijivak Lep or Paste). Asthijivak Lep or paste has magical power of healing of damaged muscles and veins whereas the Asthijivak Oil has wonderful results to fulfill lubrication in joints and normalize the blood flow to arteries.

Asthijivak not only cure knee pain but also it reduces inflammation and stiffness of body muscles. It empowers the supporting musculature and also reduces the rate of cartilage damage. It absorbs in skin layers and increases blood flow in arteries and lubrication in joints. So you get rid of severe knee pain and muscles stiffness and by continuous usage you get the permanent relief results without any side effects as its totally Ayurevedic and herbal.

How to use Asthijivak Lep and Oil

Asthijivak Lep : Take two teaspoon ( about 8 Grams) of Asthijivak Lep powder and mix it in a little lukewarm water to make it like a paste. Before going to bed apply this paste on the knee. Please note to cover all knee area with this paste and loosely tie the soft cloth and leave it for all the night so that ingredients of Asthijivak Lep may absorb it skin areas in entire night. In the morning, take some lukewarm water and wash it off from the knee.

Asthijivak Oil : After overnight application of Asthijivak Lep powder, take 2-3 ml of Asthijivak Oil and apply it on all knee. Now gently massage the oil from your fingertips in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. It will take 3-5 minutes to absorb the oil into the skin layers. Do not apply excess pressure while absorbing the oil. If there is winter season, cover the knee with a hot cloth so that hotness of oil may maintain in the muscle area to work it more efficiently.

Benefits of Asthijivak Oil & Lep

o Asthijivak is beneficial for joint pain, muscular pain and especially for knee pain.

o Increases blood circulation to the end area of arteries to function them at best level.

o Normalize the lubrication in joint areas.

o Asthijivak heals the damaged muscles and veins.

o Reduces inflammation and stiffness of muscles so reduces the pain.

o It is Ayurevedic and all natural so No Side Effects.

o Asthijivak Oil & Lep strengthen the supporting musculature.

o It is useful for all persons of all ages.

Package contains:

2 bottles of Asthijivak Oil ( Total 200 ml )

2 Packs of Asthijivak Lep ( Powder )


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