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Tummy Fit Oil in Pakistan

Tummy fit Oil is an Ayurvedic product that is a combination of 2 Healing Natural Sciences of “Ayurveda & Solarisation” and it is also famous with name of “Oblation Therapy”. It is used to cut off fats layers in different parts of body such as belly, hips neck waist and any area of body you wish.

Tummy Fit Oil increases the metabolism of the body and breaks down the cholesterol and Fats deposits, which reduces conversion of protein and carbohydrates to fat layers.

Its effects are permanent. Tummy fit oil is an amazing detox and eliminates the dangerous toxins from your body. By regular use of Tummy Fit your body feels lightness and fitness. Its purely a herbal product made of precious herbs and so has no side effects helping maintaining a healthy and slimming body.

Benefits of Ttummy Fit Oil

ü Tummy Fit Oil eliminates the cellulite which is the most stubborn fats cell generated by the skin

ü Reduces your tummy line waist line and hips line permanently

ü It has Detox qualities so removes the all toxins from the body resulting a healthy and fit body.

ü Tummy Fit boosts the metabolism system of the body and burns out cellulite permanently

ü Perfect formula for permanent reslts even for diabetic, high cholesterol blood pressure and body pain patients.

ü It is useful for both men & women of all ages

How to Use

Apply 5-10ml of oil on the desired area of the body and slightly massage it specially on stomach n waist for at least 10 minutes.

Don’t rub just massage it so that it absorbs and penetrate the skin to start cutting off fats.

For better results don’t eat anything 20 minutes after application

Apply twice a day (before meal)

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