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Power Prash in Pakistan

Power Prash is Indian dietary sex enhancement supplement which is useful both for men and women. It is the only Indian product which has millions of users in sub continent. Power Prash is manufactured with precious sex enhancement herbs ( Sufaid Musali, Sallajeet, Ashavgandha , Kaiser and many other rare herbs) which are used from many centuries for sex stimulation and sexual power enhancement. It is all natural, Ayurvedic and a complete herbal formula for solution of men’s sexual and married life problem, for cure of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, for low sexual desire and impotence in both sexes. Power Prash also increase sperm quantity and quality in men so it is very useful tonic for men having infertility. It directly works and empowers the immune system of human body by boosting the energy level and enhancing the strength, vitality and sexual power.

Power Prash is not a drug or medicine but it is a powerful supplement which is all natural, herbal and has no any chemicals or any harmful ingredients. This product has permanent results for vigor, vitality and sexual enhancement and boosting of sexual drive and desire making your sexual timing and stamina more strong and powerful, hard rock erection when you need it so it is not for temporary use if you want permanent results.

So after using of Power Prash you feel a revolutionary change in your married sexual life, you fulfill and satisfy the desires of your life partner. It makes your married life more happier more lovely and enjoyfull with lots of confidence.

Results of Power Prash

  • Power Prash is a super Ayurvedic herbal tonic for married couples to overcome on impotency and erectile dysfunction.

• Strong and powerful erections every time, when you need it.

  • Power Prash has powerful results for premature ejaculation.

• Extra Power remedy for men who used to masturbate in their young ages and now have weak erection

  • Power Prash has best results for low sexual desire in men and women.

• It is only made with natural herbs and has no any chemicals and drugs.

• As it is all natural so absolutely No Side effects.

  • Power Prash increases luteinizing hormone (LH) level in men’s body which improves sexual life


• It enhances the sexual power, energy, vitality and vigor in both sexes.

  • Power Prash is also useful for men having infertility or low quantity of sperms.

• Extra pleasure every time, Extra strength for longer erections, Extra time for longer sexual activity, and Extra Stamina and Sexual Power.

How to use Power Prash

Recommended dosage for Power Prash is “one tablespoon of Power Prash with a glass of hot milk at night one hour before going to bed.”

Ingredients of Power Prash

Safed Mulshi Makardwaj Brahmi Kokilachh Keshar Lata Kasturi

Shatwari Kapi Kachhu Duwarna Bhasma Ashwagandha No Chemicals


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