Organ Developer Pump / Vacuum Erection Pump

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  • The Organ Developer Pump will definitely increase your length as well as the duration of your mains power, giving both you and your lover a great adult experience.
  • The soft and durable sleeve creates a tight seal against the skin and allows for a powerful vacuum inside the chamber, encouraging your erection to expand quickly.
  • The Organ developer pump highly promotes the blood circulation of the penis and sensibly extends the penis to create some subtle extends in the skin. And these microscopic cracks will be repaired by cell regeneration, which is beneficial for increasing penis length and girth.
  • With a manual operation design, you can easily control the suction power inside the tube and work your way up to your desired construction and satisfaction.
  • Detachable structure – Removable device, easy to clean and comfortable to carry.
  • Private packing


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