Master Blaster exercise machine in Pakistan

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Master Blaster


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Master Blaster six pack care exercise machine in Pakistan

In six packs machines, Master Blaster is one of top best products launched in the market. It is a complete fitness machine which fulfills all your exercise requirements to have excellent 6 packs ABS. Master Blaster exercise machine has very unique design which makes it perfect and absolutely different from other available products which have only two or three types of exercises, but due unique design of Master Blaster 6 Packs care exercise you have more than 22 different exercise options in just a single machine. It is amazing and surprising exercise machine which is a complete gym in itself. Its ability to move at 180 degree angle makes it perfect to build up muscles of lower middle and upper abs at the same time in very shorter time period. Master Blaster abs machine is suitable for both men and women of all ages.

Master Blaster six pack care ab machine has tremendous results for fat cutting, to weight reduce and to build muscles and to work out for powerful upper, middle and lower abdominal at the same time. It is even useful for pain in backbone and shoulders. Its excellent design makes it completely comfortable position for your seating and also provides full relaxing support to your head and neck and its foamy soft cushion provide you comfortable massage to your back. So your spine and backbone stiff muscles are relaxed and blood flow increases in your all body.

Features of Master Blaster exercise machine

ü More than 22 exercises in one machine, a perfect gym for you.

ü Weight reduce, Fat burning, Muscles building.

ü Upper abs, lower abs and middle abs at the same time.

ü Movement is up to 180 degree angle to avail maximum results.

ü Suitable for all ages both for men and women.

ü It relaxes your back muscles through its soft cushions and circulation of blood increases.

ü Nice support for your head and neck and it is adjustable up to 3 levels.

ü Double resistant band also provided in the package.

ü Also suitable for backbone and shoulder pain problems.

ü Easy to store anywhere anytime.


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