Kitchen Star Juicer in Pakistan

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Kitchen Star Juicer


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Kitchen Star Juicer in Pakistan

Kitchen star Juicer, Mincer & Grinder

All kitchen juicers, blenders and food factories juicers available in market are heavy in weight, large in sizes, and consume lots of electricity and their output results are also not satisfactory. Instead all in one Kitchen Star Juicer, Mincer and Grinder is manually operated, smart in size and its efficiency is superb. It is not so expensive, easy to use, handy lightweight, and easy to wash.

Kitchen Star Juicer is specially designed to crush, compress and mince efficiently in a way that you can get maximum output. No electricity needed. Kitchen star is operated manually by hand so you don’t need to worry about load shedding in Pakistan. It is all in one for fruits, vegetables, all types of meat, dry fruits and all kinds of hard and soft things for garnishing, mincing, grinding and juicing. It is a completefood processorKitchen star as a Mincer is useful for all types of meats like chicken, beef, mutton and fish meat. It crushes anything you want in just couple of minutes. As a Grinder you can grand and garnish dry fruits, almonds, coconut, pepper, biscuits etc in just easy way without consuming energy as it is light weight and handy. Kitchen star as a juicer and food processor can be used to extract juices from all soft and hard fruits and vegetables. You will observe that Kitchen Star Juicers extracts every drop of juice and you can see the pulp is absolutely dry

Features and benefits of Kitchen Star

  • Kitchen Star is all in one Juicer, Grinder and Mincer.

· Manually operated by hand.

· No electricity consumed, no heavy bills, no load shedding problem.

· Easy to use, easy to wash.

· Light weight and handy.

· Extract all kinds of juices from all soft and hard fruits and vegetables.

  • Kitchen Star grinds all types of dry fruits, coconuts, almond, peanuts, biscuits etc.
  • Kitchen star crushes all types of meat like mutton, beef, fish and chicken into mince in just couple of minutes.

· A perfect food processor, an important part of kitchen.

· Output efficiency is excellent.


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